In The Future. . .

NEW CITY ONE is populated by an oddball mix of robots, cyborgs, mutants and humans. They all get along about as well as you would expect. Downtown is the place to be, but it is so competitive that most of the humans were pushed out to the Slices where they must take big risks to get back in the game. The Slices are subdivided zones of the city that radiate out from the center like the slices of a huge pizza. Yum!

The villainous organization called FEAR is always coming up with innovative ways to effect a hostile takeover of the city. Yes, that’s their name, don’t wear it out. Depending on who is doing the telling, it might stand for Fiendishly Evil Awesome Rascals. Or not.

Only DISRUPT stands in their way. This was originally the Department Involving Secret Really Unusual Powerful Technologies, but nobody could come up with a better name so it stuck. The Agents of DISRUPT are a special breed who are always on the lookout for new talent who can help save the world.

Which brings us to…

Lane, Grav, Mod, Will, Tek, and Jean live their individual lives within their own separate stories in different Slices of the city. They’ve each mastered a unique technology, and have a different goal that they think will bring success and happiness. An opportunity to get what they want arises, including love, then FEAR obstructs their path and DISRUPT pushes them to the limit.

The Agents of DISRUPT novels are a set of six playful postcyberpunk technothrillers for all ages to enjoy, and can be read in any order for a ‘create your own adventure’ experience.

A synopsis and a short scene is presented at each of the main characters’ story page. Follow the color-coded links/thumbnails above or in the navigation menu. Sample chapters are coming soon.